Wd My Passport Failed

My hard drive isn’t working. It’s a WD My Passport, power supply nevertheless working and light is blinking in a good manner. laptop will now not read power, have had an errors message announcing disk needs formatting but have cancelled this. No get admission to to any documents. became operating earlier but then failed. I read on the http://guyfff.fotopages.com/ web site that they may be able to rescue my files? I also read on the Australian blog http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/ that there are some decent data recovery companies in England which is where I now live, spending my time in Brimingham and Liverpool.

Even as producing a song on common sense X, the vibration from the bass precipitated my candle holder to fall off my shelf, down onto my WD Passport outside hard pressure. My Mac then iced over and i was pressured to restart the Mac. after I had restarted, my hard drive turned into now not identified and i tried this multiple times. Later, my pal had attempted to peer if my hard drive was locked (cannot recollect the real term) and tried to enter it into another Mac. He heard the sound my hard pressure was making and it become clicking, he said something become damaged inside. All my college work, snap shots and production is on that hard force, and i’d absolutely recognize it if you would assist me out.

i’ve a Huawei Media Pad. I idea it had a broken battery or charging port however I attempted to have it repaired and they say it can’t be constant. i’ve 1.4GB of photographs on there that I need returned. Is there a few manner to do this and if so, how a lot wouldn’t it cost?

2TB SSHD Seagate difficult power (version ST2000DX001) eliminated from a Z-collection laptop through an unqualified person not spins / clicks / powers on. initial assumption is PCB board wishes replacing however we do not have potential to test / affirm. I do not agree with there was every other harm to the difficult power and we have no longer made an try and open it.I really need to get the data back and wonder if you can offer any advice or tips as to how I can get this done?

i have a Seagate outside force model SRD00F1. when I connect it makes some clicking noises however my laptop do now not recognise the disk. possibly its USB connector port is broken. What are your prices for information restoration?