Phone and Hard Drive Failures

My External Hard Drive was Draging by my computer to move on fallen to floor around 30 cm height.dince that time I can not open the Hard Drive again HOW MUCH I HAVE TO PAY TO RECOVERY MY DATA PICTURES AND VIDEO THAT COLLECTED ALMOST 8 YEARS? Please help me to get my data of my heart club association in TIMOR LESTE.

Hard drive rarely gets detected in mac laptop, sometimes it does but for a short time, not enough to transfer files from hard drive to laptop. Tried to do the utility repair, but says there is an error so doesn’t repair.

We have a customer who has a corrupted nas drive – see this post it is a 3tb drive but there is only about 10g on there. we have done all the rudimentary troubleshooting things that you would expect but no luck. can you give me a quote to do a data retrieval on this so i can pass it to my customer for consideration.

My IPhone 5c has water damage and doesn’t work. I would like to the photos recovered if possible

The hard drive (1 terabyte, Toshiba) got web because a bottle filled with tap water accidentally opened into a bag containing it.

1tb seagate USB 3.0 hard drive. Got knocked off desk only onto carpet and won’t boot on a pc since tried 3 different pcs and different leads. Power is getting to drive and u can here it trying to work. However works fine plugged into tv just obviously can’t get data off it that way

Laptop crashed and unable to recover any data from the hard drive.

My partner has an iPhone 6, it asked her to update the iOS .. she clicked on update went away .. came back to check on it and it was sitting on the “Plug Into ITunes” screen I have tried just about every method I can to avoid restoring the phone as she doesn’t have a backup of pictures etc.. The iPhone forum recommends a data recovery service.

Get message, imminent hard drive failure press f2 to continue, then computer tries to restart but gets so far then stops and runs noisily for a long time then goes back to the same message about hard disc failure.

Do you provide recovery for micro sd cards? My card was plugged into the slot of my microsoft surface and suddenly, whilst copying data to it, the computer stopped recognising the sd card was plugged in. I’ve tried plugging it in to multiple different devices since then but with no success.

Can you transfer maxell 4mm data cartridge (helican -scan) to USB . There is video footage in it . Ideally transfer to 1080p or similar MP4 file. I have two of them . Let me known price including postage if you can do it. Or maybe you might be able to suggest another company if you can’t do it.

i accidentally bent my usb stick when picking up my laptop. now it isnt recognised when i plug it in (it does not show up on the my pc page).

Dropped hdd, now it does not connect to computer.

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